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Phuck it Phuket

In the grand scheme of life's adventures, our 2021 Christmas vacation took an unexpected turn – a turn that led us to Phuket, Thailand, and a journey worth every twist and turn.

Originally planned as a Bali getaway, our dreams were met with the reality of Indonesia's strict quarantine measures, a five-day wait that would consume the majority of our precious vacation time. In the spirit of spontaneity, we declared, "Phuck it, Phuket!"

Rewind to the summer of 2019, where we fell in love with Phuket's charm during our baecation. Staying at the exquisite Slate Resort, encountering majestic tigers at Tiger Kingdom, delving into the depths of the Asian oceans, and sharing a day with elephants – Phuket had left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID standards across three countries – the United States, the UAE, and Thailand – the effort proved worthwhile. From indulging in Barton G.'s delights in L.A. to experiencing luxury at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, our journey unfolded like a dream.

Dubai's skyline became a mesmerizing canvas as we soared through the air in a helicopter, offering a bird's eye view of the city's splendor. However, our final stop in Qatar hit a roadblock when we faced COVID restrictions due to an unbooked return ticket from Thailand. A setback that, although momentarily disheartening, extended our Dubai exploration, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the Dubai 2020 Expo.

After navigating accommodations and overcoming hurdles, we finally touched down in Thailand, greeted by the warm embrace of CoCo Resort, our government-approved quarantine hotel. Jetlag balanced with delectable meals set the stage for our Christmas adventure in Phuket.

From savoring exquisite cuisine to strolling along the enchanting Patong Beach, riding a decked-out tuktuk, ATV-ing through lush jungles, mastering my first jet ski, and exploring the breathtaking Phi Phi Islands – every moment felt like a celebration of life and the beauty of Phuket.

In the end, our decision to say "Phuck it" to the unexpected and embrace the allure of Phuket turned a potentially challenging vacation into a tapestry of unforgettable experiences. Here's to the twists, turns, and triumphs that made our 2021 travel rewind one for the books! 🌍🎉 #PhuketAdventures #TravelRewind #CeHerWorld"

Be sure to fallow along this journey in my youtube Christmas travel series linked below.

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